Buried (2010)

Yesterday, I watched the advanced premiere of Buried starring Ryan Reynolds. It was one hell of a thrilling movie, and I enjoyed it – Though I did not see the ending coming as expected.

As early as now, I am warning you that everything on this blog entry is a spoiler. So please, if you intend to watch the movie anytime soon, stop reading this article at this point.

Alright, so the ending is hope-crushing for both Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynold’s character) and the viewers. It is because he never made out from the box at the end of the movie – Yes, it ended with him being covered by sand as his box get part-raptured by explosions as the movie progressed. The assumption is: he was buried somewhere in Iraq after his truck was hijacked by alleged terrorists. Paul Conroy is a truck driver based in Iraq.

Throughout the movie, the struggles and frustrations of Paul Conroy getting out from the wooden coffin dominated the movie. If you are thinking that the movie shows sort of flashback clips, or footages of persons on the other line during Conroy’s phone call, please don’t expect it here. The scenes revolves on nothing but Paul Conroy inside the dimly lit wooden box. If you will think about it, the movie sounds boring, but I got really amazed of how the movie kept the viewers sticked to the movie. Though the ending is heart-breaking, I can say that the movie was done nicely and smartly.

I think what makes the movie interesting is the different obstacles and challenges that the character encountered during a very stressful event. So it’s like the character is stressed, then got even more stressed – Imagine that. The thrill level did not waned down throughout the movie thinking that the scenes revolved on the same wooden box. What I found to be the most nerve-wracking scene is the snake scene. Imagine, you waking up on the same wooden coffin you are in (after you take a nap because you got tired of finding ways to get out of it) and there’s a snake crawling on your legs. What will you do? That scene was so stressful and scary.

At the end of the movie, I thought that the point of the whole thing is not the escape of the character. The point of the movie is to show how the character reacted on a stressful situation, and how he spent his final moments of his life.  All he ever wanted is to talk to his wife during the whole time he is buried. The phone conversation between Conroy and his wife is heart-breaking. Buried perfectly depicted the gravity of emotional attachment of people to their love-ones during the times of crisis and close-to-death situation.

Overall, I love the movie because the movie is so humanly attached. That fact alone gave a very good justification on why the ending was sort-of-disappointing – It is because it was made that way. I guess sometimes, you just have  look into the movie deeper to get the real worth of it.

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