Month: October 2010

The Walled City

Another long weekend means another trip to somewhere I don’t usually go to. My sister and I are in a cost-cutting situation, so we decided to go somewhere near like Intramuros, Manila.

Intramuros is also known as The Walled City. This place served as the seat of Spanish colonial rule in the East. It was also the center of commerce, education, government and religion four centuries ago.

Republic Act 597 (1951) declared Fort Santiago as a national shrine, and Intramuros as a historical monument. The law required the use of Spanish architectural designs for constructions in the city (Source: http://www.intramuros.phofficial website of Intramuros).

Here are some snaps we took from our short trip to the historical site.

Main entrance of The Walled City


The Fort Santiago Façade.


Closer look on Fort Santiago's intricate Façade made of wood and stone


No this is not Cinderella's service. Kalesa was the common transportation during the Spanish occupation.


A SFO-like cart in Intramuros.


Lastly, a photo of my sister enjoying the trip (though she admitted later on that this whole thing is tiring).

There are actually a lot of other places to visit in Intramuros. We just got tired, so we decided to take make use of the rest of our energy on a nearby mall.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the weekend everybody!

Buried (2010)

Yesterday, I watched the advanced premiere of Buried starring Ryan Reynolds. It was one hell of a thrilling movie, and I enjoyed it – Though I did not see the ending coming as expected.

As early as now, I am warning you that everything on this blog entry is a spoiler. So please, if you intend to watch the movie anytime soon, stop reading this article at this point.

Alright, so the ending is hope-crushing for both Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynold’s character) and the viewers. It is because he never made out from the box at the end of the movie – Yes, it ended with him being covered by sand as his box get part-raptured by explosions as the movie progressed. The assumption is: he was buried somewhere in Iraq after his truck was hijacked by alleged terrorists. Paul Conroy is a truck driver based in Iraq.

Throughout the movie, the struggles and frustrations of Paul Conroy getting out from the wooden coffin dominated the movie. If you are thinking that the movie shows sort of flashback clips, or footages of persons on the other line during Conroy’s phone call, please don’t expect it here. The scenes revolves on nothing but Paul Conroy inside the dimly lit wooden box. If you will think about it, the movie sounds boring, but I got really amazed of how the movie kept the viewers sticked to the movie. Though the ending is heart-breaking, I can say that the movie was done nicely and smartly.

I think what makes the movie interesting is the different obstacles and challenges that the character encountered during a very stressful event. So it’s like the character is stressed, then got even more stressed – Imagine that. The thrill level did not waned down throughout the movie thinking that the scenes revolved on the same wooden box. What I found to be the most nerve-wracking scene is the snake scene. Imagine, you waking up on the same wooden coffin you are in (after you take a nap because you got tired of finding ways to get out of it) and there’s a snake crawling on your legs. What will you do? That scene was so stressful and scary.

At the end of the movie, I thought that the point of the whole thing is not the escape of the character. The point of the movie is to show how the character reacted on a stressful situation, and how he spent his final moments of his life.  All he ever wanted is to talk to his wife during the whole time he is buried. The phone conversation between Conroy and his wife is heart-breaking. Buried perfectly depicted the gravity of emotional attachment of people to their love-ones during the times of crisis and close-to-death situation.

Overall, I love the movie because the movie is so humanly attached. That fact alone gave a very good justification on why the ending was sort-of-disappointing – It is because it was made that way. I guess sometimes, you just have  look into the movie deeper to get the real worth of it.

Photo-shoot at UP

Yesterday, I scheduled a meet-up with my best bud and took countless of photos. We have this connection in the love of photography, so we decided to spend our meet-up with taking photos.

We chose University of the Philippines Diliman as our location, and enjoyed the day! Here are some of the photos we took. First photo taken by me.

We went around the campus by foot. It is really fun to walk round the campus now, because of the new bike and joggers’ lane.  Photo by my best bud, Russel.

The trip is quite tiring but worthwhile, because of the street food, fruit shakes, and pancit canton. While eating canton, we met a showbiz cat. This kitty here is very camera-friendly, we never had a hard time taking  a photo of him. The first one was taken again by my buddy, Russel. While the second one was taken by yours truly.

We spent the post-eating moment by trying the bokeh photography. It’s our first time to do this, and we even tried doing a bokeh with B&W. And that’s how we end the photo-shoot day. 🙂

Vector Firsts

I finished what I had to do in the office today early, so I made use of the spare time to learn a few graphic designing things (while listening to all-Robbie Williams-playlist –off-topic).

My sister thought me some basic vector techniques using Adobe Illustrator. I should have a “model” image first to start, so I opened Google and stare at the search page like 5 minutes. I don’t know who to search, but David Beckham. I am really not a fan of him, but he’s the first thing I thought of. Maybe I am thinking of billboards or something? Anyway, I tried doing what I absorbed from my sister’s quick course and here’s what I made so far. I am planning to finish it, but I don’t  think I will be able to do it soon. I know, the image is…weird-looking. Well, there’s always a first time. 🙂

The original image is this…

…to a partial, this (see how amateur. Hah!)

Back to the 90′s Playlist: Boy-band Edition

As I promised on my blog post last October 3, I am now travelling back to the early days of my childhood to give tribute to my favorite boy bands ever. Yes, I know, this post is quite self-serving, but I hope you can also find yourself feeling young again, and remembering the baggy pants, colored hair, and muscled-boy favorites of our time.

Arranged in no particular order, let’s go back to the 90’s and early 2000’s of our lives.

Hanson and Moffatts

Remember the battle between these two boy bands / brothers, fans? I purposely included them together in one item, because I love them both – sounds unreal? Yes, quite…but I really loved them both. Though I must say I am more of a Moffatts fan than a Hanson fan because I get to love most of the Moffatts’ songs compared to just a couple of Hansons’.

These are my favorite songs and videos of each group.


We must admit that at the time of this band’s fame, they are the most buffed boy band among all the boy bands. Most of the boy bands during their time are skinny and too much of a pop icon (I hope you know what I mean, I’m poor at describing. Heehee.). Aside from the music, I sort of like them because they express a different package for the “boy band material” during their time. And yes, I am not talking green here.


Boyzone is just one of the best boy bands for re-making an old song. Though most of their songs are just renditions of classic songs, they pull each of their re-maked songs very well. Plus, of course, the fact that they are Irish makes their band unique out of all the other boy bands, which are mostly Americans.


With a new twist of having a gangstah-tough-not-your-ordinary-man members, 5ive gave birth to a new face of boy band. I am not a fan of their single “Slam Dunk da Funk” But became a fan because of their songs “Until the Time is through”, “Keep on Movin’” and “Got the Feeling”. I guess I love them more, than hate them.


I don’t love this group as in L-O-V-E, but I like some of their songs (Get what I mean? Haha!). I never get tired of listening to their single “Back Here”, and the song which they are featured in – with Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, and Mandy Moore: “On the Line”.


Like 5ive, I am not a fan of LFO’s debut single “Summer Girls”. But I loved them more with their songs “Girl on TV,” and “I Don’t Want to Kiss You Goodnight”. These songs of theirs are just the perfect tunes for the reminiscing late 90’s and early 2000’s times. Even Rich Cronin is not with us anymore, his music with his LFO guys will always be remembered.

Backstreet Boys

As most of us want things to be, it is sweet to save best for last. This list will not be complete without the Backstreet Boys. They are the ultimate boy band of the 90’s and early 2000’s, and not to mention, the longest-standing boy band of their generation. Most of their co-boy bands were disbanded like hell, but BSB remained to be together (at least four of them remains together until now).

Without further wait, here’s the most mocked, impersonated, and voted to be the top gay video of BSB – I Want It That Way.

I hope you enjoyed the boy band trip. I’ll try to check girl bands next time. 🙂 Tusch!


An encounter with

Thank you for the habit of reading Inquirer, and I discovered something to do that’s worth my time this weekend.

If you are a Filipino who loves viewing graphic novels or watching short digitals, here is one of the best site to visit:

The site is like YouTube minus the public uploading, but with an alternative content. You will find a lot of cool and artsy stuff when you browse their website.

One of the shorts I loved is Transit. This clip is only a part of the whole thought of ‘Kada Kwento. Some clips are short, but filled with thought-provoking ideas. Here, have a peek of what you can expect by clicking this link:

That’s all. Have s nice weekend viewing the videos, and graphic designs and novels!


Angel-ish Monster

Just when I realized I have nothing much to do in the office today, I created another monster friend here. My new friend monster is inspired by the Robbie Williams’ song, Angels. It is not how I picture angels’ faces though, I just want this next monster to be some sort of angel-ish (whatever that means).

Meet and greet time!

Back to the 90′s Playlist

I feel more like going back on my younger years, and reminiscing my favorite songs and music videos now. I logged in to YouTube and searched for my favorite songs and videos back in the 90’s.

My favorites got nothing really much to do with the technicalities of good storyline or affects of the video. I just love how the song was laid on the video.

Angels by Robbie Williams. I am not really a big fan of Robbie Williams, but I find this song very nice. Plus, the black and white video adds up the mood of the song.

How’s It Going To Be by Third Eye Blind. This song is one of my all-time favorite. For me, this song never gets old. The video doesn’t really have a “whoa” factor, but the song does. I simply love TEB’s “rock moment” on their videos, where all of them plays their instruments and sing their heart out. I don’t really know why I like it, I just do.

Stop by Spice Girls. Yes, I know that girl-band fever is waaay over, but this is the only girl-band that I became a fan of. I even got depressed when they announced that the are disbanding, and Geri Halliwell (a.k.a Ginger Spice) is leaving the band. I know how shameful this confession is, but I think you are not a true 90’s baby if you never get to love them, or any other girl-band.

On The Line by Nsync and All-stars. I am not really sure why I love this song to be played over and over. Maybe because I love Emmanuelle Chriqui so much. Pretty. However, I wonder where she is right now.

Girl On TV by LFO. This video never fails to make me feel melancholic. At some point in my High school days, I got to love the group specifically this song of theirs. Though it saddened me to know that the lead singer of LFO, Rich Cronin, died of cancer late last month, I know that this song will always be remembered.

I originally planned to include my boy-band list here. But I think this blog entry is way too long already. Therefore, I decided to make a separate list of my favorite boy-band songs of the 90’s on a separate entry — and that will be posted soon.