The Hand (inspired by Minions)

It’s the time of the year again – nothing to do in the office, except for special requests from my boss. This also means I have more time for self-development: Reading books, taking tons of test-shots, and practicing my digital designs skills (if really that is a skill).

Here’s one of my “artwork-done-during-office-hours-yeah!” sample. I made this out of two (2) reasons: 1 – I was inspired by the minions’ (from Despicable Me) past time, which is photocopying their butts. I was not that wild, so I decided to photocopy a part of me that touches the butt most – my hand (well, nothing touches it than the hand isn’t it?). 2 – I need a new desktop art on my office PC. Plain black as the desktop background is too boring already.

I have not thought about this cool effect, but I got excited when I popped out a window on my screen. It seems like my hand (the image) pasted the window (or dialogue box) on the glass (the computer screen). Here look at the effect. It looks cool (at least for me).

Anyway, that is all for now. Hope you find my work cool too.


  1. Great blog you have here, i like what you did can and i kind of miss doing something like that too, like making a wallpaper for my office pc. Keep up the good work, i hope i can make a good if not better blog as yours, simple but it rocks! God bless!

    1. Wow, thanks! Appreciate it a lot. I just got my un-busy time just recently, and here I am, updating my blog.
      Why don’t you start a blog? I know you can do better than mine 🙂 See you around!

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