Night Club City

I am currently hooked at one Facebook app. I am not club / party goer, but I enjoy playing Night Club City!

Whether I am at home, at the office, or somewhere else… When it is time for my booked party, I go on-line.

One thing I like on this application is that it has good music everytime you play. I love music and games a lot. So I guess these are the main reasons I got hooked! Top it all with me, being able to design my own bar/ club. It is like The Sims, but instead of designing a home, you design your own club and manage it.

Aside from picking your bar’s furnitures, walls, bars, and floors, you can also choose your wardrobe. Yes, you are the DJ of your own club! Here’s  screen captured image of how the game looks like.

I personally suggest this to all the people who don’t have much to do 🙂 Try it it’s fun!


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