Month: September 2010

Slob of Monster

Yes, you read it right – Slob-of-monster, not chops, beef or meat. It is a monster.

I got a new monster friend, and it is round, meat-y, and healthy. You can’t eat it though, because you just can’t (Fine, I don’t know why not).  It is not cool as Edward Cullen or Justin Bieber, but way too cool to be your friend monster.

I know, this is the lamest write-up among all my monsters.

Monster fellas

Just today, I got myself another set of monsters to accompany me during my dull moments. They are the latest addition on my monster addiction. And as usual, I am featuring them here on my blog again.

Aside from giving them the opportunity to be introduced on a separate blog entry, I also got them on my page as my background.  I don’t usually name my monsters, and I chose not to name them at all for no specific reason (have yourselves the freedom to give them their names if you want to). Here are my latest monsters, and say “Hi” to them.

fluffy monsters

The night of colorful tsismis

After so many months of not seeing my High school friends, finally I was able to dine with them yesterday.

The dinner lasted for so many hours, and it was fun – a lot of catching up, loud voices (with loud topics also), and laughter. Spell FUN.

The place was also cool. We went to the newly-constructed Centris along EDSA, corner Quezon Avenue, and it was…colorful. Got some photos by yours truly, and just want to share ’em here. Sorry, I can’t share most of the dining experience because we talked about a lot of local showbiz gossips A.K.A. tsismis. Ha!  – Reason why our night went extraordinary.

Bring on the UAAP 2010 Cheerdance!

Last Sunday was the best day of all UP students and alumni, as they (including me) bagged the Grand prize of the 2010 UAAP Cheerdance Competition. The long lines, the strong heat of the sun, not to mention body odors…Name it! It was all worth it after the winner was announce in the Big Dome.

My experience was horrible but sweet. As I was to enter the coliseum, a guard told me that they are not allowing my camera inside because it is a DSLR. I asked him: “If this is a regular digital camera, will it be allowed inside?” And tadaaa! He said with a big confidence: Yes. Wow, what a difference (lame). But… I am clever enough to outsmart him. As he instructed, I proceeded to the baggage counter (which, by the way, he never told me where it is located), acted that I was to deposit my camera but not really because I gave it to my friend who stayed on the smoking area (an area openly located near the baggage counter), entered to the coliseum but with a different guard, an voila! I was able to enter the coliseum, and with a DSLR. Hah!

At first I was hesitant to bring out my camera from my bag, but with my surprise, it  looked like a lot of people did the exact thing I have done. Anyway, I have enjoyed the Cheer dance experience. I felt like I was a student again, filled with overflowing school spirit.

The best part of the experience: when the champ was proclaimed. UP pep squad is the best! Mabuhay ang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas!

The Hand (inspired by Minions)

It’s the time of the year again – nothing to do in the office, except for special requests from my boss. This also means I have more time for self-development: Reading books, taking tons of test-shots, and practicing my digital designs skills (if really that is a skill).

Here’s one of my “artwork-done-during-office-hours-yeah!” sample. I made this out of two (2) reasons: 1 – I was inspired by the minions’ (from Despicable Me) past time, which is photocopying their butts. I was not that wild, so I decided to photocopy a part of me that touches the butt most – my hand (well, nothing touches it than the hand isn’t it?). 2 – I need a new desktop art on my office PC. Plain black as the desktop background is too boring already.

I have not thought about this cool effect, but I got excited when I popped out a window on my screen. It seems like my hand (the image) pasted the window (or dialogue box) on the glass (the computer screen). Here look at the effect. It looks cool (at least for me).

Anyway, that is all for now. Hope you find my work cool too.

A night with Despicable Me

It is not all about being the best villain…

Last night, though I am not yet okay going out with some people because of our personal issues, I managed to put it all aside first and watch Despicable Me. I put down my pride and watch the movie with full enjoyment. I never regret to go through all of those because of the movie. It was worth watching.

As the movie ended and watch another round of trailers (yes i love watching trailers), I actually want to watch the movie again. It was of two reasons: Because of undeniable cuteness of Agnes (the smallest kid of the three), and because of Gru’s (the main character) personality.

I love everything about Agnes. Her cuteness, her unusual ways and her love of the unicorns are the best. She is the only one who made me laugh a lot of times on an animated movie – I swear.

As most of you might be agreeing about Agnes’ cuteness, you might be wondering why I love Gru’s personality. Let us say I can relate on what he received from his childhood. At times, I was not feeling appreciated – until now. It sucks that life has full of rejections; May it be on school, work, friends, “other friends”, etc. Many people are being unfair to other people, and we just have to deal with it.

Dealing with those kinds of rejections will be easier if you have someone you could lean on, and someone who could understand you. I assure you, even a single person who could share your sympathies, or someone who could make you one notch happier, will make a very great difference. Just like Gru and his kids, or Agnes and her unicorn – They all share their own happiness and sympathies.

I hope all people will find their “comfort people”…their Unicorns who can make them happier, even on the simplest way.

Night Club City

I am currently hooked at one Facebook app. I am not club / party goer, but I enjoy playing Night Club City!

Whether I am at home, at the office, or somewhere else… When it is time for my booked party, I go on-line.

One thing I like on this application is that it has good music everytime you play. I love music and games a lot. So I guess these are the main reasons I got hooked! Top it all with me, being able to design my own bar/ club. It is like The Sims, but instead of designing a home, you design your own club and manage it.

Aside from picking your bar’s furnitures, walls, bars, and floors, you can also choose your wardrobe. Yes, you are the DJ of your own club! Here’s  screen captured image of how the game looks like.

I personally suggest this to all the people who don’t have much to do 🙂 Try it it’s fun!