Currently Playing: Somebody to Love

I am not sure what is it that this video has, that made me play it over and over again. Somebody to love by Justin Bieber and Usher (with the special appearance of Poreotics), never fails my day.

At the very first time I have watched this video, I was wow-ed by the visual effects and the production. I also loved the dance routines (yes, I am a certified frustrated dancer). Then I learned to love the song. Actually, it is quite hard for me to accept the fact that I am liking a JB song. Don’t get me wrong…I am not a fan, but not a hater.

I finally made myself believe that I am loving this MTV, and that I have watched this video for countless times, because I noticed the weird step of JB at 2.15 — Not sure what he’s doing. You might want to suggest what he is really doing on that clip.

After all, I am loving this video, and will include it on my playlist.



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