Annyeong haseyo Seoul, Korea!

After weeks of not updating my blog…Finally, I am free! All the conference preparations and hassles are all over, and it’s time for me to post my beautiful experiences from a new place I have been – Welcome to Seoul, Korea!

First stop: Our hotel. Our conference was held at Grand Hilton Seoul – Home of the most hospitable hotel personnel in the world. They provided good and quality service not only to us but to all our guests. Thank you!

During the conference, we met the most thoughtful, smart, funny and cool student volunteers and later on…became our friends. Most of them are Koreans, while some are Filipino exchange students in Korea. Fighting!!

After the conference, it is now time to explore the colorful and exciting sights of Seoul. We planned to go to Jeju but it is too far, and out of our budget. So we just stayed in the city.

We visited a palace, where we had a great time strolling in one of the biggest palaces in Seoul.

We also had a perfect time to go from one place to another by Seoul’s subway system. This train system is very far from what we have here in the Philippines – MRT and LRT.

Time for shopping! We went to eat and shop at Myeong-dong. I love the lights and the food best on this market among any other markets in the city.

The fountains in the city are also amazing. What it most fascinating is that most of the kids who are also visiting this area are playing on its fountain holes – and they don’t even care if they get wet or whatever.

My favorite photo is this one. I had a hard time capturing this fountain because of the buses and cars passing by. But by struck of luck, I managed to take one shot with a few cars passing by, and no bus.

We also visited Namsan Tower (also known as the N Seoul Tower) and got a beautiful look at the entire city. was not able to get a good photo of the tower but the experience is breathtaking. The Namsan Tower seems like it was made for couples. Check out the couple locks they have on one side of the tower. I find the heavy-duty lock funny, though.  😀

All in all, my visit to Seoul is one of the perfect experiences I had. I’ve met good people and been to wonderful places. I even wished that my trip to Seoul is a limbo. 😀

I should say I want to go back to Korea sometime – not only to visit more places there, but also to meet my newly found friends again. AJA!


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