Month: July 2010

Super Violin Mario Bros.

I was browsing websites and videos earlier today, and found this amazing video. It’s amazing how some people even thought about merging video games and music.

I had a great time watching this video. Someone even told me that to my amazement, I looked like a kid with glistening eyes in front of the most beautiful toy a kid has ever seen. Funny. I wonder how I did that face.

Anyway, without further a due, allow me to present MAMANG Violinist doing the sounds and SFX of Super Mario Bros computer game. Classic! Anyway, enjoy!

Photo 3: Got bored

Just took few shots during my dull moments of my life, and here’s what I got. Took this photo at home. obviously, the subject is not so extraordinary – it’s just a lens cap.

I just thought of something today. Maybe, one’s daily activity also shows on his/her artwork – though this is just an assumption. I thought of that idea because every time I tried to sketch, or take photos of something while I am bored or tired of life, it would always look ordinary. It never fails.

Anyhow, just let me share my latest addition on my photos. Next time, I’ll try to share my monster friends again 😀 Enjoy!