Month: June 2010

Photo 2: Test shots

So…I am enjoying Konichiwa (my Nikon D3000). I keep on shooting stuffs whenever I want, also to check my skills in Photography. I just thought of sharing my test shots. And maybe get some ideas from you guys, on how I could improve.

Enjoy! 😀

This photo was once of my very first shots I took. It was taken in our house, made out of boredom.

This shot was taken during our company outing (paid by our own account – yes, that is company outing to us). It was a sunset in Morong, Bataan. The view is breathtaking, even the sand is not.

This photo is taken from our house again. Before leaving going to a party, I got bored waiting for my mom and sister to prepare and dress-up. So I decided to take a shot of the chime hanging outside our main house door.

That’s all. More photos to come! Tusch!