The first Philippine automated election

The first automated election has casted the votes of the Filipino people. Voting precincts are being closed down one-by-one at this time, and hopefully the results will serve as a light for a better Philippines.

The new method of voting required a lot of effort, but easy. The problem is not really about the machine – it is with the discipline of the voters. And as expected, line cutters are present everywhere. The result: unorganized voting steps and long lines.

I cased my vote for who I think is the most qualified candidate considering the brains, achievements, and how he is doing in the  polls. Some say that people are voting for who has a better shot at winning. Most do not consider the candidates who are on the bottom list of surveys. Sadly, the most righteous candidates belong on that crowd – That only happens here in the Philippines. I know it is weird, but maybe Filipinos are really looking for something unconventional. I don’t know.

Going back to the point, I managed to do both the strategic voting and logically sane review of the best candidate for presidency. He is one of the best candidates for presidency. His achievements are excellent and he is definitely smart. He doesn’t have a messianic flatform and promises. He is realistic and believable. He also managed to pass some bills, and the best thing: he is one of the most positive candidate in terms of campaigning – he is not a MUDSLINGER.

My vote goes for GIBO.

I just wanted 1 thing. Whoever will be the next president of this country, I am hoping for a better Philippines.


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