Month: April 2010

Telephone by Lady Gagita and Heronce

This video made my day. I swear.

I know that the video “Telephone” by Lady Gaga is too long to watch. But you won’t fail on this parody version, this is worth the wait.

This video is really funny, and I feel amazed on how creative these guys are. They are very resourceful in the props and all. I LOVE it. To top my amazement, I feel obligated to post this video after watching it. Here watch it. Enjoy!

Hug the monster

I don’t feel like going to details on this. I just feel like sketching it.

I am not really getting into something sad or whatever. But I just feel like a HUG is a powerful “healing tool”. It’s like when you get one of it (of course, it should be from someone you know), it somehow gives you an assurance that you are not alone. I wish every hardship in life comes with a free hug – with that, at least you have a consolation prize.

Anyway, this is just some of my random thoughts.

I missed this posting thing. I am working on a lot of things right now.  I know, it sucks.

But i hope you enjoy, folks!

Timbaland. JT. Jojo//

I know this is way too late. It’s been uhm… I don’t know how late this post is.

Anyway, I attended Timbaland’s Shockwave Tour Concert at MOA Concert Grounds, Manila last March 27 (see how late it is?). Let me say I had a blast on that show.

Timbaland’s dance moves and antiques are funny and enjoying enough to make the crowd go wow. Of course, celebrities attending the party are also a plus factor to the fun. It is funny how the girls reacted every time Derek Ramsey’s face is being shown on the screen. I thought: Is this Derek’s show or what? But can’t blame ‘em –That actor has a lot of things to say. Alright, moving on…

Let me get on the best part of the show straight, and now. It was the last production –-it was the mix of all the hits. Thank God, he spared me to remember 1 song out of all the…well, hits. JT and Timbaland on the stage performing Sexy Back topped it with i-don’t-know-how-long fireworks. It was the best ending for a show.

Here are some of the photos. Sorry, I just borrowed dad’s camera. I am a failure in learning the basics on its pre-sets.