The Far-out and the No Pants

It’s past lunch time and I stumbled upon this YouTube channel called Improv Everywhere.

Improv Everywhere features videos that cause scenes on a public place – well like in downtown New York. These videos are made by a group of people who has a common goal: causing a scene anywhere.

One of the countless funny videos I love is the I Love Lunch! The Musical. This video is so far-out. If I were a customer on that establishment, I will definitely say: what the hell is happening?? Here, let yourself decide.

Aside from the far-out musical stunt they have, I was amused to know that in New York, there is such an event called NO PANTS subway ride – and it happens annually. Made by the Improv Everywhere group, you can check their YouTube channel for their past year’s No Pants Ride videos. This is what they did in 2010 (which is, by the way, their 9th year doing this).

I can’t imagine there are some people who make weird acts as their hobby, and for more being famous for it. But who cares, this is the kind of watching you can do to de-stress, and look at the happier side of the world.


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