Ideal world of the good and the bad

At one point, I asked myself why not-so-good things happen to a not-so-bad person. There are other people who deserve more of a punishment than the good ones – by that, I mean good compared to a snatcher, burglar, arsonist, murderer, and so on… Don’t the good people deserve a better life here on earth that the bad guys?

People say that good people will have a better life in their next life. May it be a life after they are reincarnated or life after death – when they are already in heaven. But does that mean they don’t have a chance to live a better life while they are still here on earth?

I am completely aware that being perfectly good is far reachable as we live life here on earth, wherein temptations are everywhere and sins are very much reachable. But I hope punishment depends on how better a person you are. I know that I am talking impossible here, because life don’t take sides, and it has been working that way for a long time already – as in ever since the concept of good and bad existed. I just wish life works the way I imagine it. If that will happen, people who violate rules, laws, ordinances, constitutions and commit a crime will have no way escaping the consequences, since we will have natural laws anyway.

On the side, as I am imagining my perfect world of good and bad, I sketched something. I love monsters. But I like them being portrayed the same way as people – some are good and some are bad. I like to believe that not all monsters are bad. Some of them are good and some have great heart. Here it is.

Let’s try to live life the fullest!



  1. I suppose that people who do bad things often have already had bad things happen to them – the abused neglected child who grows into a abusive adult, etc.
    Thankfully many who suffer hard knocks in life do not go on to victimise others, and may indeed transcend their personal hardship. Good for them. I’m not making excuses for the bad ‘uns.
    But it’s worth keeping in mind – not to excuse bad behaviour, but perhaps to better understand and therefore tackle some root causes.

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