American Idol “wth” Results Night

I was surprised like hell! Last week’s Results Night is the crappiest night EVER of American Idol.

Really now?? That was my reaction after Alex Lambert and Lilly Scott got voted off from the hit reality show American Idol. As weak season as it may seem, I think it will be more boring after that results night –  Wherein two of the best talents of Season 9 take their final songs on AI stage.

I don’t know what America wants to listen to, Lilly Scott said after Seacrest asked what she thinks about the results. I totally agree with her. Scott is a great talent, same as with Alex Lambert but still they got voted off from the show.

I personally like both of these contestants. They have a distinct sound, style and attitude, not like other *ehem* teeny guys and gals who managed to get into the Top 12. C’mon America, are you kidding me? Really? Seriously?

I know for a fact that Lambert has weak points, specially when he performed on AI stage the first time. God knows he was singing blankly and awkwardly. But he managed to redeem himself on the next episodes of the show. I admit, he is one of my favorites well, obviously. But not being biased or whatever, isn’t it he sound better than, at least, that teeny guy from Orlando or the re-entry guy? I don’t know. With that, One thing is for sure. He is really a great talent loss from AI competition.

On the other hand, Lilly Scott. She has a complete and solid right to feel disappointed after that results night. From the start of the competition, she has been doing great and confidently singing her heart out on every performance. I felt really terrible when Ryan Seacrest announced that the other teeny girl get into the Top 12, and not Lilly. I can’t really tell what made her out of the competition because she is one of the most consistent performer in AI. The vote turnout is simply unacceptable.

Well, results are results. I just wish AI would come up with a wild card entry. It is not mainly because I would want any of my favorites to get back into the show – It is more of making the competition more interesting. If that would happen, contestants will become more protective of their hard-earned spot in the said reality show, which could make them feel more competitive. Who knows, maybe this could be a way to see a spark of real talent from the Top 12 guys and girls of American Idol.


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