@time: snap-it!

For the past couple of days, I have been thinking of purchasing my dream item – a digital SLR. Actually, I’ve been planning to buy this since Christmas of 2009. However, looks like time is not my friend.

Last year, I am just one credit card away of getting that DSLR. It was a Sunday. I already researched the specs, the best deal, warranty, etc. When I got home to finally decide if I will buy it or not, I thought that my billing cut-off is on the 10th of next month (which is January already). With that, I thought maybe it would be better if I’ll just postponed my purchasing after that day, since this would let me start paying the next month already (February). And so I did. No camera for now.

The billing cut-off day came and passed by. However, for some strong instinct and urge, I thought of leaving my company and look for another job (of course I came up with this idea because of a lot of factors). Now, since I am having a plan of moving to other company, I became quite hesitant in buying anything expensive. I am afraid that I would lose my savings just because of a single item that could wait for another perfect time. And so, for the second time around, no camera for now.

I filed for a resignation but decided to come back to that same company (this is because I am left with no choice. God knows that) after a couple of weeks – yes, weeks only. And so, my finances are somewhat stable again and thought it is the perfect time for me to buy that DSLR I am longing for. Then, I thought (yes, again) that my little sister is going to college next school year. The schools she managed to get in are quite expensive. We are not that rich to manage our family expenses easily. I never promised to anybody that I will be taking care of the tuition fees or anything. But I don’t know, I felt that it is not appropriate for me to buy an expensive item at this moment. I felt like the same thing as being unethical. And so, I am having my second thoughts again. No camera for now or yes to camera? – that I don’t know.


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