**I wrote this sentiment last Saturday, March 6.

Item 1: I am in the office on a Saturday.

Item 2: I am hungry, because I did not eat proper breakfast.

Item 3: My lunch is not on time. Because of a crappy person (oops, reason).

Item 4: Fickle-mindedness sucks.

What the hell is happening? I am just in the middle of the day and I am getting all of these.

It is almost 6AM, I woke up and I don’t want to go in the office. Well, good luck to me because I don’t have any choice. I swear to God, life is unfair – because of unfair people. C’mon guys, I am working my ass off to beat deadlines and then you want me to come in the office for your benefit? So are you trying to say that, you don’t have personal life so come here or else you are doomed. Work for us, because your personal plans must not work. Our plans are the greatest commandment of all. Obey us. No wonder, people are leaving you.

I went down the stairs. I heard mom leaving the house. Ok. Bye! take care. I walked towards the dining table. No food. Well, I managed to let it pass, but I am hungry. I go straight to take my bath.

I took the ever-stressful jeep, then train, then jeep, then forever-walk. I am the first one in the office. Ok, that’s fine. No problem. Then another came in after me, and another, and so on. 11AM came and I can hear the battle cry of my tummy. Hey, where do you want to eat? The response was to just eat on a fastfood – on that case, we will go to the nearest mall. Alright, so I waited until lunch time.

12NN came and I reminded them of the dining plan. Guess what, they changed their minds. Let’s just call for a delivery. That means another 30 to 45 minutes waiting time. That sucks.

My friends know that fickle-mindedness is the least thing anybody would want to do to me. I just don’t have enough patience on dealing with that attitude. For me, it means being disrespectful of one’s expectations, time, plans, etc. I just don’t understand why people find not doing it so hard. Anyway, everything is done. Let’s move on. I am enjoying my fried chicken now. And I wonder… When will be the next season of Glee (yes, I am wondering on Glee’s next season, as I am enjoying my food. I don’t know where that thought came from)?


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