Month: March 2010

The Far-out and the No Pants

It’s past lunch time and I stumbled upon this YouTube channel called Improv Everywhere.

Improv Everywhere features videos that cause scenes on a public place – well like in downtown New York. These videos are made by a group of people who has a common goal: causing a scene anywhere.

One of the countless funny videos I love is the I Love Lunch! The Musical. This video is so far-out. If I were a customer on that establishment, I will definitely say: what the hell is happening?? Here, let yourself decide.

Aside from the far-out musical stunt they have, I was amused to know that in New York, there is such an event called NO PANTS subway ride – and it happens annually. Made by the Improv Everywhere group, you can check their YouTube channel for their past year’s No Pants Ride videos. This is what they did in 2010 (which is, by the way, their 9th year doing this).

I can’t imagine there are some people who make weird acts as their hobby, and for more being famous for it. But who cares, this is the kind of watching you can do to de-stress, and look at the happier side of the world.

Ideal world of the good and the bad

At one point, I asked myself why not-so-good things happen to a not-so-bad person. There are other people who deserve more of a punishment than the good ones – by that, I mean good compared to a snatcher, burglar, arsonist, murderer, and so on… Don’t the good people deserve a better life here on earth that the bad guys?

People say that good people will have a better life in their next life. May it be a life after they are reincarnated or life after death – when they are already in heaven. But does that mean they don’t have a chance to live a better life while they are still here on earth?

I am completely aware that being perfectly good is far reachable as we live life here on earth, wherein temptations are everywhere and sins are very much reachable. But I hope punishment depends on how better a person you are. I know that I am talking impossible here, because life don’t take sides, and it has been working that way for a long time already – as in ever since the concept of good and bad existed. I just wish life works the way I imagine it. If that will happen, people who violate rules, laws, ordinances, constitutions and commit a crime will have no way escaping the consequences, since we will have natural laws anyway.

On the side, as I am imagining my perfect world of good and bad, I sketched something. I love monsters. But I like them being portrayed the same way as people – some are good and some are bad. I like to believe that not all monsters are bad. Some of them are good and some have great heart. Here it is.

Let’s try to live life the fullest!

James Morrison is Love

I was supposed to run this afternoon. But I forgot that we will be having our weekly staff meeting – How could I forget that. Ok. I am completely aware that, that is a fail thinking. Well, I guess I have to run tomorrow.

I don’t have much to say about things today. Well, I am feeling bored. But James Morrison keeps me going (oh, no..not that going thing). I am completely loving him as an artist – Great lyrics, melody, and obviously, who would not fall for that voice? His songs are perfect while being behind the dashboard, or just having some alone time.

My song for today is You Make It Real by James Morrison. I am missing someone who’s been very important to me. Here, let me share the song with you.

Enjoy the vid, and enjoy the rest of the day guys!

American Idol “wth” Results Night

I was surprised like hell! Last week’s Results Night is the crappiest night EVER of American Idol.

Really now?? That was my reaction after Alex Lambert and Lilly Scott got voted off from the hit reality show American Idol. As weak season as it may seem, I think it will be more boring after that results night –  Wherein two of the best talents of Season 9 take their final songs on AI stage.

I don’t know what America wants to listen to, Lilly Scott said after Seacrest asked what she thinks about the results. I totally agree with her. Scott is a great talent, same as with Alex Lambert but still they got voted off from the show.

I personally like both of these contestants. They have a distinct sound, style and attitude, not like other *ehem* teeny guys and gals who managed to get into the Top 12. C’mon America, are you kidding me? Really? Seriously?

I know for a fact that Lambert has weak points, specially when he performed on AI stage the first time. God knows he was singing blankly and awkwardly. But he managed to redeem himself on the next episodes of the show. I admit, he is one of my favorites well, obviously. But not being biased or whatever, isn’t it he sound better than, at least, that teeny guy from Orlando or the re-entry guy? I don’t know. With that, One thing is for sure. He is really a great talent loss from AI competition.

On the other hand, Lilly Scott. She has a complete and solid right to feel disappointed after that results night. From the start of the competition, she has been doing great and confidently singing her heart out on every performance. I felt really terrible when Ryan Seacrest announced that the other teeny girl get into the Top 12, and not Lilly. I can’t really tell what made her out of the competition because she is one of the most consistent performer in AI. The vote turnout is simply unacceptable.

Well, results are results. I just wish AI would come up with a wild card entry. It is not mainly because I would want any of my favorites to get back into the show – It is more of making the competition more interesting. If that would happen, contestants will become more protective of their hard-earned spot in the said reality show, which could make them feel more competitive. Who knows, maybe this could be a way to see a spark of real talent from the Top 12 guys and girls of American Idol.

Paramore Live in Manila

My head is aching… And my heart is happy (fine, I  have a sooo corny intro).

I already got home at around 1AM today, and I still have to wake up at 5AM (I need to go to work). I know that sucks – but I enjoyed staying up late, anyway. Paramore live in Manila is sweet.

I am not a big fan, but I love most of their music. I enjoy listening to the wild sound of their electric guitars, banging drums, and  of course Hayley’s amazing vocals. It is cool that they are good at pumping up the crowd, though you will notice that not all who went there are real fans. Not real fans, in the sense that they are just there, standing, just nodding their heads with the beat, and not really singing the band’s songs – I mean, throughout the whole show. And yes, I am eyeing and observing some people during a concert, weird me.

I find the show generally enjoying. Aside from the stunts (which we could always expect from a rock band), I appreciate that they are really trying to connect with the Filipino crowd. Like saying that they want to be back here in Manila sooner, and that they are amazed on the number of McDonald’s tents on the concern grounds (take note: they are very happy on that fact), and that they appreciate the warm welcome of the Filipino fans to them.

I am also happy with their performance, song choices, and hey… Hayley can definitely sing live very well. But I have my own favorite part of the show, and it comes in two fold.

First, I liked it when they sang their first-ever slow song (that is released) – Only Exception. It’s like the whole crowd is singing with them, and you can hear everybody is with them and loving the song. It is really amazing and heart-warming experience, I swear. Until now I am having goose-bumps.

Secondly, I loved it when they got a chance to thank their road manager (I think, I am not sure, sorry. heehee) for being with them and making their lives organized every time they are having a tour. Apparently, Philippines is their last stop for their current album tour and before going back to States. Maybe they find this a perfect time to show appreciation to their manager.

There you go. Just sharing some cool things that happened last night in the Paramore concert, held in SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

PS: Will try to post some vids and pics soon heehee!

@time: snap-it!

For the past couple of days, I have been thinking of purchasing my dream item – a digital SLR. Actually, I’ve been planning to buy this since Christmas of 2009. However, looks like time is not my friend.

Last year, I am just one credit card away of getting that DSLR. It was a Sunday. I already researched the specs, the best deal, warranty, etc. When I got home to finally decide if I will buy it or not, I thought that my billing cut-off is on the 10th of next month (which is January already). With that, I thought maybe it would be better if I’ll just postponed my purchasing after that day, since this would let me start paying the next month already (February). And so I did. No camera for now.

The billing cut-off day came and passed by. However, for some strong instinct and urge, I thought of leaving my company and look for another job (of course I came up with this idea because of a lot of factors). Now, since I am having a plan of moving to other company, I became quite hesitant in buying anything expensive. I am afraid that I would lose my savings just because of a single item that could wait for another perfect time. And so, for the second time around, no camera for now.

I filed for a resignation but decided to come back to that same company (this is because I am left with no choice. God knows that) after a couple of weeks – yes, weeks only. And so, my finances are somewhat stable again and thought it is the perfect time for me to buy that DSLR I am longing for. Then, I thought (yes, again) that my little sister is going to college next school year. The schools she managed to get in are quite expensive. We are not that rich to manage our family expenses easily. I never promised to anybody that I will be taking care of the tuition fees or anything. But I don’t know, I felt that it is not appropriate for me to buy an expensive item at this moment. I felt like the same thing as being unethical. And so, I am having my second thoughts again. No camera for now or yes to camera? – that I don’t know.


**I wrote this sentiment last Saturday, March 6.

Item 1: I am in the office on a Saturday.

Item 2: I am hungry, because I did not eat proper breakfast.

Item 3: My lunch is not on time. Because of a crappy person (oops, reason).

Item 4: Fickle-mindedness sucks.

What the hell is happening? I am just in the middle of the day and I am getting all of these.

It is almost 6AM, I woke up and I don’t want to go in the office. Well, good luck to me because I don’t have any choice. I swear to God, life is unfair – because of unfair people. C’mon guys, I am working my ass off to beat deadlines and then you want me to come in the office for your benefit? So are you trying to say that, you don’t have personal life so come here or else you are doomed. Work for us, because your personal plans must not work. Our plans are the greatest commandment of all. Obey us. No wonder, people are leaving you.

I went down the stairs. I heard mom leaving the house. Ok. Bye! take care. I walked towards the dining table. No food. Well, I managed to let it pass, but I am hungry. I go straight to take my bath.

I took the ever-stressful jeep, then train, then jeep, then forever-walk. I am the first one in the office. Ok, that’s fine. No problem. Then another came in after me, and another, and so on. 11AM came and I can hear the battle cry of my tummy. Hey, where do you want to eat? The response was to just eat on a fastfood – on that case, we will go to the nearest mall. Alright, so I waited until lunch time.

12NN came and I reminded them of the dining plan. Guess what, they changed their minds. Let’s just call for a delivery. That means another 30 to 45 minutes waiting time. That sucks.

My friends know that fickle-mindedness is the least thing anybody would want to do to me. I just don’t have enough patience on dealing with that attitude. For me, it means being disrespectful of one’s expectations, time, plans, etc. I just don’t understand why people find not doing it so hard. Anyway, everything is done. Let’s move on. I am enjoying my fried chicken now. And I wonder… When will be the next season of Glee (yes, I am wondering on Glee’s next season, as I am enjoying my food. I don’t know where that thought came from)?