We are the Genius Youtube World

I have been busy this last couple of days, and so I only got a chance to post something today. Actually, I am supposed to be at the office right now, but I chose not to. I am tired already, and I need a break. So here I am now, in the comfort of my own home.

As I am chilling here and checking for some updates on my Facebook page, I decided to check other cool sites – YouTube, Yahoo updates, Blog posts of some famous people. And so, I come across Chico Garcia’s blog (yes, I follow his blog from time to time, and I like his morning radio show with Delle).

I was in awe when I saw his post about the YouTube version of We are the World. I thought it is very brilliant thing to come up with something like this. I mean, it is very hard, complicated, and genius for this thing to be possible. I kinda like the thought of technology being so powerful and amazing to almost everybody’s lives. I love it. Here, take a look.

Credits to Chico Garcia’s blog. Thanks!


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