HATE me baby one more time

Two crappy weeks and (looks like) running. I am desperate. I am sick and tired of going through all of these things over…and again. You see, I don’t get it. I kept on doing my part, but someone is messing it all up. My plans never (as in NEVER) went as it should be. Because of that, what else could I do? – Well, stare at a blank sheet of paper, and find words on how to blurt out all he bitterness I have in my hopeless life.

Yes, maybe no one understands me every time I am sobbing over this lame thing – a thing that most of my age making it also their issue. To some, they thought that this is just a phase in life and should not be given an over-actingly attention and reaction. Well, let me tell you this: If you know you are considered a member of any social minority, and you can not also be good at anything…you must know that your future will not be dead – just doomed.

Acceptance is a big issue for me. That is mainly because I know that I am a minority. No one’s ever going to understand, accept and look at me normally if I won’t be good at anything. I can assure you of that. Accept the fact that people are naturally judgmental, until you prove them wrong.

Most people say that I am still young to achieve my dreams. I say: How come there are some people out there who already reached their goals at this “young” age? My bottom-line is this: if some people managed to do it, why can’t I? In addition, it is also very depressing to know that a lot of people are in a place where they shouldn’t be in.

Time is running out for me. And the clock is ticking fast.


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