Along came Andrew Garcia

After 8 seasons of American Idol (AI), I am starting to get hooked to the said TV show just now. And when I say hooked, everything stops when that guitar sound and AI logo comes in.

My addiction started during the last 6 or 7 episodes of last year’s AI. I am a Lambert fan. For me it’s quite obvious that Lambert can truly sing more than Allen. No offense to the Allen fans, but come on,  if we talk about voice range, Lambert is the killer. I admit, I was pretty shocked when Allen won the title of American Idol Season 8 Winner. Again…No offense.

This season, I am really looking forward to watch all the AI episodes. So far, everything is doing well for me. I have never missed any episode yet. Thanks to replays. It is quite weird and amazing all together though when I realized that as early as now, I already have my bet.

Andrew Garcia – A father looking for something big to happen in the competition to support his family. This man has mad vocals. I mean from all the contestants, he shines most. He is a genius in arranging his songs, and he can really really sing well. His voice and style is edgy and unique – and that what makes him up there. Let me show you how he does that.

For me, that is the vocals that could make the next American Idol winner. Keep up the good work brother. Keep on reaching the top spot.

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