PBB thoughts.

Ever since I watched Pinoy Big Brother (PBB), I have never voted on the show’s text polls. I find it sayang sa load. Yes, I know. I am kuripot, makunat or thrifty. But this season, I am proud to say that I finally voted for the righteous big winner, at least for me.

My vote went to Paul Jake (go Paul Jake! For the win!). I like him to be the big winner because I find him the most responsible, smart, reasonable, cool and hard-working housemate. I liked the fact that he remained loyal to his girlfriend outside, and that he did not use anybody to gain that certain fame of winning the big price.

Last Tuesday (I am not sure, I am losing my body clock again) PBB revealed the votes standing of the Big 5. Honestly, I did not expect that Paul Jake owned the highest percentage, because of the fact that the Melason tandem is there. Well, as we all know, Filipinos always enjoys the romantic atmosphere a lot – so I thought that tandem has the highest votes. Surprisingly (and good thing), Filipinos forgot to attach themselves to that flashy couple and thought about who must earn the biggest pot money out there. What a great realization. Good job! Hopefully, he will be the winner until the Big Night.

Just a side dish, I also like Papa Tibs. He is so hard-working and responsible, just like Paul Jake. I actually don’t get it when the housemates say that he is nagmamagaling (he knows a lot on things), while all he just did was to constructively criticize the wrong doings of others. And mind you guys, anybody could have mistakes – we are just humans, including Papa Tibs. At least Tibo spills out what he thinks is right, and what he thinks could help the housemates. Not like the other housemates who kept on sush-ing but have never significantly helped on the tasks. They are just there – wallflower.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts. 2 nights to go before the Big Night. Lets cross our fingers, and hope that our pambato (bet) will get the title of The Big Winner.


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