The Blind Side

I got a lot of going on my mind right now, and I don’t want to think about it anymore. It is a weekend so I just want to rest my mind from all those nerve-wracking problems. Instead, I looked for something else to do – so I watched a movie.

The Blind Side, starring Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw, was shown in the United States later part of last year (but not here in the Philippines yet). Got a copy from some sort of trusted friend (I will leave you now from wondering what friend means on my context). The movie is about a filthy rich family who adopted a homeless boy and doesn’t know where his family is – except his mom. The problem got worst when he found out that his mom also left him later on. The boy has a heartbreaking childhood as all his siblings were separated from him when they were still little kids. This scenario haunted the boy’s entire life that got him a distinct attitude on protecting the people he cares most, and later on became his ticket being a huge NFL defensive player. And yes, this movie is based from a true story.

Here is Michael Oher of Baltimore Ravens. This is his story.

Actually, I was hesitant to watch this movie at first because I am not sure if this is worth watching. I actually got my idea to have this copy because it made its way to the 10 top grossing films of 2009 (of course, this is based in US box office records). The convincing reason was shallow, believe me. Honestly, I decided to watch it because of Sandra Bullock. I won’t deny that I love her as an actress – talented, humble, funny, and not to mention has a gorgeous toned body. Then came up I did not just like the movie… I loved it.

The story is very inspiring. I love the thought of mixing 2 elements in one story. The movie not only focused on the sport struggle story of the main character, but also to the love and acceptance of a new family that the main character found. I think I loved the plot because it has both of the values I always treasure – passion for sports and the love of my family. It somehow, reflects my personality.

I wish every rich family in this world will have a kind heart to support a homeless child. Even it will not be by adoption, at least have social responsibility projects that will serve the needs of the poor kids. And please… I hope the intentions will be honest and pure, and may it not serve as another propaganda for popularity.


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