Heroic spill out

It is quite funny because I just realized I just finished watching a movie after I made this Digi-work. The movie: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I don’t know if I was influenced by the movie or what. I just thought of these words in a snap. “Ako ang bida” or “I am the lead / protagonist / hero”.

I know it is eeky. But hey, aren’t we really a hero or bida in our own ways? I mean we can be a hero or the protagonist in our own school, office, or house (I think). Maybe by showing authority to others whom we feel our subordinates. Actually, even we clearly know that some people are not our subordinates, there are some people we just feel we can be commanding – or worst, bully. I know it’s harsh, but it’s the reality – Some boss bully their employees, some employees bully their co-workers.

I know. Life sucks. But let’s look at the good side of this whole thing.

Imagine there are no bullies. No boss, teacher, parents, police. All of us are equal. It will definitely be fun! Each of us will be doing all the things we want, no rules and no constraints. But aren’t we looking on a more serious problem here? We are taking a sure shot on one word: CHAOS.

I think things work in bipolar-ism (I just created a term here. Heehee). This means that all the things in this world balance itself. All things have its counterpart to balance its function. This proves that all people and things have their own thoughts. We can not satisfy all people, and there will be some who will deviate.

I think expressing your opinions is fun, and maybe a need. We need to balance things. If we will agree on everything, we are just protecting our image. We are just playing it safe. Our true purpose on this place will not be done. We are just living out of nothing.

Living out of nothing is worst. And we will not know it until we’re gone.


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