Coffee Art

Coffee is addicting – more than morphine or ecstasy.

I am dreaming of drinking a cold frappe right now. I am salivating (yah, I know its eeew. forgive me). I am thinking when will be the next time I can hang out with my friends in a coffee shop. Sadly, nobody’s answering to my invitations yet. Boring.

So I just searched the net. Typed yahoo, the browser auto-complete, pressed enter. Page loaded… On the search box, typed coffee, and then found boring articles about coffee. I hit the back button typed video after the coffee then pressed enter. First link I found amazed me.

Here, watch it.

I never knew this certain thing called Coffee Art existed, until today. I was amazed on the artists’ creativity and uniqueness. Since they made the coffee their canvass, I wonder if they are also hard core coffee-drinkers.

I don’t have much of a point here. I think I would like to learn how to do coffee art too. Prices of ingredients are high nowadays. Maybe I will try it after DTI implements the price control.  Heehee!


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