Yes is the WORD

I will treat someone to Sbucks if I get this.

I have been waiting for an answer since Friday. Today is Monday – last day and chance for an answer from a very important person. Well, I am not connected to them closely – just professionally. I think you all have an idea by now on who or what am I talking about.

I would always want to believe that I could get this thing. But, there are so many things that could happen. I just don’t want to assume. Things are much difficult to accept when I believe on it too much, but then failure comes.

This is the first time I got these chills, cramps, the feeling of vomiting and distraction. I can’t think well!

Just by thinking that I won’t be able to get this, is so scary – seriously. This is not even the first time I will experience a failure (I really hope it won’t happen), but the weird feeling is more excruciating this time. Some people might think that I am over reacting. I must say that nobody knows what’s at stake except me. I will not be dead, just doomed. All I am wishing for is great start of the year.

I am hoping for the best.

This blog will be my first witness on what will happen in the next couple of hours.


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