The Agony from Mr. Krab’s Goons

Random thoughts give me weird sketches.

Maybe because I got out today, and I come across different kinds of people…here I am, drew them because of nothing.

Fine. I’ll admit that one of my sketches below irritates me, and gets to my nerves. I know, they are only expressing themselves – And so do I. Just spot the weirdest name I ever thought of – that’s the one I am talking about. And they are everywhere (VERY unfortunate for me).

Let me discuss my sketch, please.

GHETTO. Baggy everywhere. I am not a fan of hip-hop genre, so this is off for me. But I can tolerate them, maybe because music = style. It compliments in some ways. And so, I made it acceptable to my senses.

EMO. The other side of Ghetto – all fitted. Skinny jeans, statement shirts, chucks, bangs. Emo is black. I appreciate these folks than the ghettos. At least Emo music talks about reality, real drama, and society – Compared to Ghetto music that talks about party, money, booze, and sex.

MR. KOOL. Sosyal as most Filipinos refer to them. Always neat-looking, vain, always takes pictures with their cars or girlfriends, and so on. I don’t like them, because most of them enjoys love songs or boy band songs. whatever.

VHONG NAVARRO FAN. Preppy (Actually, I can just call them preppy, but I thought of localizing the term, so more can relate. I hope) They are generally laid back, and fun person. Always have a knitted something with them. Neat. Enjoys Jason Mraz’s songs.

PIOLO/JOHN LLOYD CRUZ (JLC) FAN. Suit, Tie, Executive-looking people. Enjoys so-80’s songs. Serious looking. Boring but handsome. For most of girls: knight-in-shining-armor.

MR. KRAB’S GOONS. I just can’t understand the hat, man. They look like a fan of Mr. Krab (yes, from Spongebob). It’s just a pain in the eyes. That’s all.

So there. I am so depressed from Mr. Krab’s Goons and their existence, that now I can not think of anything to say.

’till next time. ciao!


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