Waiting Monster

Last Thursday I got bored… So the result is monstrous.

I love drawing monsters. They make me feel good because I feel I am letting out the “evil” in me. I am not actually an evil like: EVIL (well, at least not all the time). I even don’t get mad easily, moreover not a revengeful person. But not to be boastful, truth is a lot of people describes me as a patient person – but NOT in waiting.

Since I am waiting for something as I drew a sketch, I felt evilness…Then the result is this.

I don’t have a prophetical mind, please let me clear that up – Not even close to a terrorist. So it means, this sketch has NO meaning at all.

This entry has no point. Believe me. So I’ll just shut my mouth (or fingers on this case) right here.

Enjoy the rest of the day, guys!


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