Month: January 2010

The Blind Side

I got a lot of going on my mind right now, and I don’t want to think about it anymore. It is a weekend so I just want to rest my mind from all those nerve-wracking problems. Instead, I looked for something else to do – so I watched a movie.

The Blind Side, starring Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw, was shown in the United States later part of last year (but not here in the Philippines yet). Got a copy from some sort of trusted friend (I will leave you now from wondering what friend means on my context). The movie is about a filthy rich family who adopted a homeless boy and doesn’t know where his family is – except his mom. The problem got worst when he found out that his mom also left him later on. The boy has a heartbreaking childhood as all his siblings were separated from him when they were still little kids. This scenario haunted the boy’s entire life that got him a distinct attitude on protecting the people he cares most, and later on became his ticket being a huge NFL defensive player. And yes, this movie is based from a true story.

Here is Michael Oher of Baltimore Ravens. This is his story.

Actually, I was hesitant to watch this movie at first because I am not sure if this is worth watching. I actually got my idea to have this copy because it made its way to the 10 top grossing films of 2009 (of course, this is based in US box office records). The convincing reason was shallow, believe me. Honestly, I decided to watch it because of Sandra Bullock. I won’t deny that I love her as an actress – talented, humble, funny, and not to mention has a gorgeous toned body. Then came up I did not just like the movie… I loved it.

The story is very inspiring. I love the thought of mixing 2 elements in one story. The movie not only focused on the sport struggle story of the main character, but also to the love and acceptance of a new family that the main character found. I think I loved the plot because it has both of the values I always treasure – passion for sports and the love of my family. It somehow, reflects my personality.

I wish every rich family in this world will have a kind heart to support a homeless child. Even it will not be by adoption, at least have social responsibility projects that will serve the needs of the poor kids. And please… I hope the intentions will be honest and pure, and may it not serve as another propaganda for popularity.

Heroic spill out

It is quite funny because I just realized I just finished watching a movie after I made this Digi-work. The movie: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I don’t know if I was influenced by the movie or what. I just thought of these words in a snap. “Ako ang bida” or “I am the lead / protagonist / hero”.

I know it is eeky. But hey, aren’t we really a hero or bida in our own ways? I mean we can be a hero or the protagonist in our own school, office, or house (I think). Maybe by showing authority to others whom we feel our subordinates. Actually, even we clearly know that some people are not our subordinates, there are some people we just feel we can be commanding – or worst, bully. I know it’s harsh, but it’s the reality – Some boss bully their employees, some employees bully their co-workers.

I know. Life sucks. But let’s look at the good side of this whole thing.

Imagine there are no bullies. No boss, teacher, parents, police. All of us are equal. It will definitely be fun! Each of us will be doing all the things we want, no rules and no constraints. But aren’t we looking on a more serious problem here? We are taking a sure shot on one word: CHAOS.

I think things work in bipolar-ism (I just created a term here. Heehee). This means that all the things in this world balance itself. All things have its counterpart to balance its function. This proves that all people and things have their own thoughts. We can not satisfy all people, and there will be some who will deviate.

I think expressing your opinions is fun, and maybe a need. We need to balance things. If we will agree on everything, we are just protecting our image. We are just playing it safe. Our true purpose on this place will not be done. We are just living out of nothing.

Living out of nothing is worst. And we will not know it until we’re gone.

Coffee Art

Coffee is addicting – more than morphine or ecstasy.

I am dreaming of drinking a cold frappe right now. I am salivating (yah, I know its eeew. forgive me). I am thinking when will be the next time I can hang out with my friends in a coffee shop. Sadly, nobody’s answering to my invitations yet. Boring.

So I just searched the net. Typed yahoo, the browser auto-complete, pressed enter. Page loaded… On the search box, typed coffee, and then found boring articles about coffee. I hit the back button typed video after the coffee then pressed enter. First link I found amazed me.

Here, watch it.

I never knew this certain thing called Coffee Art existed, until today. I was amazed on the artists’ creativity and uniqueness. Since they made the coffee their canvass, I wonder if they are also hard core coffee-drinkers.

I don’t have much of a point here. I think I would like to learn how to do coffee art too. Prices of ingredients are high nowadays. Maybe I will try it after DTI implements the price control.  Heehee!

Yes is the WORD

I will treat someone to Sbucks if I get this.

I have been waiting for an answer since Friday. Today is Monday – last day and chance for an answer from a very important person. Well, I am not connected to them closely – just professionally. I think you all have an idea by now on who or what am I talking about.

I would always want to believe that I could get this thing. But, there are so many things that could happen. I just don’t want to assume. Things are much difficult to accept when I believe on it too much, but then failure comes.

This is the first time I got these chills, cramps, the feeling of vomiting and distraction. I can’t think well!

Just by thinking that I won’t be able to get this, is so scary – seriously. This is not even the first time I will experience a failure (I really hope it won’t happen), but the weird feeling is more excruciating this time. Some people might think that I am over reacting. I must say that nobody knows what’s at stake except me. I will not be dead, just doomed. All I am wishing for is great start of the year.

I am hoping for the best.

This blog will be my first witness on what will happen in the next couple of hours.

The Agony from Mr. Krab’s Goons

Random thoughts give me weird sketches.

Maybe because I got out today, and I come across different kinds of people…here I am, drew them because of nothing.

Fine. I’ll admit that one of my sketches below irritates me, and gets to my nerves. I know, they are only expressing themselves – And so do I. Just spot the weirdest name I ever thought of – that’s the one I am talking about. And they are everywhere (VERY unfortunate for me).

Let me discuss my sketch, please.

GHETTO. Baggy everywhere. I am not a fan of hip-hop genre, so this is off for me. But I can tolerate them, maybe because music = style. It compliments in some ways. And so, I made it acceptable to my senses.

EMO. The other side of Ghetto – all fitted. Skinny jeans, statement shirts, chucks, bangs. Emo is black. I appreciate these folks than the ghettos. At least Emo music talks about reality, real drama, and society – Compared to Ghetto music that talks about party, money, booze, and sex.

MR. KOOL. Sosyal as most Filipinos refer to them. Always neat-looking, vain, always takes pictures with their cars or girlfriends, and so on. I don’t like them, because most of them enjoys love songs or boy band songs. whatever.

VHONG NAVARRO FAN. Preppy (Actually, I can just call them preppy, but I thought of localizing the term, so more can relate. I hope) They are generally laid back, and fun person. Always have a knitted something with them. Neat. Enjoys Jason Mraz’s songs.

PIOLO/JOHN LLOYD CRUZ (JLC) FAN. Suit, Tie, Executive-looking people. Enjoys so-80’s songs. Serious looking. Boring but handsome. For most of girls: knight-in-shining-armor.

MR. KRAB’S GOONS. I just can’t understand the hat, man. They look like a fan of Mr. Krab (yes, from Spongebob). It’s just a pain in the eyes. That’s all.

So there. I am so depressed from Mr. Krab’s Goons and their existence, that now I can not think of anything to say.

’till next time. ciao!

Waiting Monster

Last Thursday I got bored… So the result is monstrous.

I love drawing monsters. They make me feel good because I feel I am letting out the “evil” in me. I am not actually an evil like: EVIL (well, at least not all the time). I even don’t get mad easily, moreover not a revengeful person. But not to be boastful, truth is a lot of people describes me as a patient person – but NOT in waiting.

Since I am waiting for something as I drew a sketch, I felt evilness…Then the result is this.

I don’t have a prophetical mind, please let me clear that up – Not even close to a terrorist. So it means, this sketch has NO meaning at all.

This entry has no point. Believe me. So I’ll just shut my mouth (or fingers on this case) right here.

Enjoy the rest of the day, guys!