Fotonarium 1

I finally had the time to upload some of my works back in college. As from my previous blogs, these images are taken when I am currently enrolled in Photojournalism.

Just thought of sharing them to the world, since I have been mentioning it already before for countless times.

Since I studied in University of the Philippines Baguio, I only got the chance to take pictures within the city (most of the time). I don’t have the patience to travel long hours just to take a picture. And for me, photos are memoirs of a special happening – so there must be something.

Above is the Baguio Cathedral. This is famous to a lot of tourists because of its historical past. This church became a shelter for the wounded civilians and soldiers back in WWII (at least that is what the note states outside the building. Feel free to comment if I misread the  note 🙂 ).

Next is the lake or the man-made-body-of-water (whatever it is) in front of The Mansion. The Mansion is where the president of the Philippines (and sometimes with the first family) stay whenever he/she visits Baguio City.

This one is located near my apartment. I tried to take a picture of it, since I will be passing by on this rotonda going to school. I hate the electrical wires though.

These photos are just products of boredom. Since I was starting to enjoy and getting the feel of my Photojournalism subject. I practice and practice – never knowing I could also use it on that subject as it proceed.

I just borrowed a camera to take photos for my subject. Its actually a Panasonic Lumix from one of my best buds (Thanks Donna!). Hopefully, the next time I click the shutter, it will be a DSLR already – and become an official Photog enthusiast.

Can’t be sure until the imaginarium is tested.


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