Unusual Architecture

My sister is researching something about the subject, then I saw this cool idea on the net.

Scheduled to be built in 2010 (at least according to the its website), the rotating tower will be located in Dubai, UAE. This project was designed by Dr. David Fisher – The creator of the first “building in motion”. It will adjust itself to the sun, wind, weather and views by rotating each floor separately. The building will be a home for apartments ranging in size from 1,330 square feet (124 square meters), to Villas of 12,900 square feet (1,200 square meters) complete with a parking space inside the apartment. It will not be exclusively for apartments though. It will also be open for offices, luxury villas and luxury hotel.

The best attraction of this tower: You have the randomness  “waking up to sunrise in your bedroom and enjoying sunsets over the ocean at dinner.”

Wanna know what wowed me on this tower? Watch this.

No doubt, this tower is a perfect place for the rich and famous (unfortunately, not one from them). However, is this tower safe? – at least from earth’s disasters, more likely from earthquakes. As we all know, beauty often contradicts with comfort or safety. I am not saying this tower is definitely unstable. It’s just that ALL new things must be surveyed, researched and checked carefully – New things are most likely to fail.

There is no harm in applying proper safety measures.

I just hope, proper process of permit approvals was done before this elegant tower will be built, and sooner lit up.

Can’t be sure until the imaginarium is tested.


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