How long will it stand?

When you get caught before on an ugly situation and managed to escape, what will you do the next time it is more likely to happen again?

As most people are busy saying “humans NEVER learn”, I am busy making all precautionary actions not to repeat that VERY wrong scenario. Never want to feel that all bad vibes and that slump. But as expected, there is a bida, and there is a contra-bida. The unexpected: The person you relied most who can understand your thoughts has become the contra-bida.

I assume she has never been to that slump I have been. She doesn’t understand what I am trying to do to help her and me not be there. Whenever things must go her way and not mine, it ends up this process:

Hurt can never ever be replaced by good thoughts. Reality bites. You don’t understand, will not understand, and will never understand…AT ALL.

Love can never be until eternity, if you will not find a fool-proof way to keep it.

Can’t be sure until the imaginarium is tested.


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