Golden Ticket

It is Monday, December 21, 2009. Start of another week, start of another blog (yey!), one day closer to Christmas Holiday, but still here stuck in the office editing and reading lots of documents. Wonder when I can buy that Christmas wish – a shiny digital single lens reflex (DSLR). I want it, because I am planning to have my long-time frustration come true (now that is a great way to start year 2010).

Now, the BIG question lies: Will my goal finally “materialize” in the next few years?

I always ask myself how will I succeed? I can’t find any answers. I asked that ever since I known the definition and importance of the word success. I already scanned my imaginarium from the most sabaw idea to the almost most-brilliant thought.

There are tons of things I am never good at. Writing to me is a fail – but I graduated with a degree in Communications, major in Journalism. I don’t know how I survived with my editor-in-chief professor. To him: the grades tres is cool, while dos is the highest. Another fall short thing to me is Sports. I play basketball, volleyball, badminton, and a lot more – but again, I never been expert in one sport.

Still no answers, until my last year in college.

If my memory serves me right, I am enrolled in Photojournalism that time. I never felt better than anybody else until that phase in my fail life came. I always (well, most of the time) get the highest scores during exhibits. My classmates often find my work cool, beautiful and nice (that I don’t know if they are serious, but at least most of them are my real friends so I am quite sure they mean it). Then, the light bulb above my cranky brain sounded “ting!”

Here are some of my shots (but not on my Photojourn subject, can’t find it. Dang!).

Is this my niche? Maybe I already found the GOLDEN TICKET.

Can’t be sure until the imaginarium is tested.


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