Month: December 2009

Big apple’s giant ball

It’s the season to bid goodbye to another year, this time: 2009. That means, I will envy again those who have been to and will be in New York Times Square. It’s always been my dream to celebrate a New Year’s Eve there, even just once.

I wonder when will that day come.

I just thought about it, as I come across this video of last year’s party. It made me feel happy for a couple of minutes…and thought about how many years I need to count first, and also will miss.

Here it goes…

How I wish I am not alone in this world who also wishes to join these guys.

Anyhow, enjoy the party tonight (for Asia and Australia 🙂 ) everybody!

Fotonarium 1

I finally had the time to upload some of my works back in college. As from my previous blogs, these images are taken when I am currently enrolled in Photojournalism.

Just thought of sharing them to the world, since I have been mentioning it already before for countless times.

Since I studied in University of the Philippines Baguio, I only got the chance to take pictures within the city (most of the time). I don’t have the patience to travel long hours just to take a picture. And for me, photos are memoirs of a special happening – so there must be something.

Above is the Baguio Cathedral. This is famous to a lot of tourists because of its historical past. This church became a shelter for the wounded civilians and soldiers back in WWII (at least that is what the note states outside the building. Feel free to comment if I misread the  note 🙂 ).

Next is the lake or the man-made-body-of-water (whatever it is) in front of The Mansion. The Mansion is where the president of the Philippines (and sometimes with the first family) stay whenever he/she visits Baguio City.

This one is located near my apartment. I tried to take a picture of it, since I will be passing by on this rotonda going to school. I hate the electrical wires though.

These photos are just products of boredom. Since I was starting to enjoy and getting the feel of my Photojournalism subject. I practice and practice – never knowing I could also use it on that subject as it proceed.

I just borrowed a camera to take photos for my subject. Its actually a Panasonic Lumix from one of my best buds (Thanks Donna!). Hopefully, the next time I click the shutter, it will be a DSLR already – and become an official Photog enthusiast.

Can’t be sure until the imaginarium is tested.

Unusual Architecture

My sister is researching something about the subject, then I saw this cool idea on the net.

Scheduled to be built in 2010 (at least according to the its website), the rotating tower will be located in Dubai, UAE. This project was designed by Dr. David Fisher – The creator of the first “building in motion”. It will adjust itself to the sun, wind, weather and views by rotating each floor separately. The building will be a home for apartments ranging in size from 1,330 square feet (124 square meters), to Villas of 12,900 square feet (1,200 square meters) complete with a parking space inside the apartment. It will not be exclusively for apartments though. It will also be open for offices, luxury villas and luxury hotel.

The best attraction of this tower: You have the randomness  “waking up to sunrise in your bedroom and enjoying sunsets over the ocean at dinner.”

Wanna know what wowed me on this tower? Watch this.

No doubt, this tower is a perfect place for the rich and famous (unfortunately, not one from them). However, is this tower safe? – at least from earth’s disasters, more likely from earthquakes. As we all know, beauty often contradicts with comfort or safety. I am not saying this tower is definitely unstable. It’s just that ALL new things must be surveyed, researched and checked carefully – New things are most likely to fail.

There is no harm in applying proper safety measures.

I just hope, proper process of permit approvals was done before this elegant tower will be built, and sooner lit up.

Can’t be sure until the imaginarium is tested.

How long will it stand?

When you get caught before on an ugly situation and managed to escape, what will you do the next time it is more likely to happen again?

As most people are busy saying “humans NEVER learn”, I am busy making all precautionary actions not to repeat that VERY wrong scenario. Never want to feel that all bad vibes and that slump. But as expected, there is a bida, and there is a contra-bida. The unexpected: The person you relied most who can understand your thoughts has become the contra-bida.

I assume she has never been to that slump I have been. She doesn’t understand what I am trying to do to help her and me not be there. Whenever things must go her way and not mine, it ends up this process:

Hurt can never ever be replaced by good thoughts. Reality bites. You don’t understand, will not understand, and will never understand…AT ALL.

Love can never be until eternity, if you will not find a fool-proof way to keep it.

Can’t be sure until the imaginarium is tested.

Golden Ticket

It is Monday, December 21, 2009. Start of another week, start of another blog (yey!), one day closer to Christmas Holiday, but still here stuck in the office editing and reading lots of documents. Wonder when I can buy that Christmas wish – a shiny digital single lens reflex (DSLR). I want it, because I am planning to have my long-time frustration come true (now that is a great way to start year 2010).

Now, the BIG question lies: Will my goal finally “materialize” in the next few years?

I always ask myself how will I succeed? I can’t find any answers. I asked that ever since I known the definition and importance of the word success. I already scanned my imaginarium from the most sabaw idea to the almost most-brilliant thought.

There are tons of things I am never good at. Writing to me is a fail – but I graduated with a degree in Communications, major in Journalism. I don’t know how I survived with my editor-in-chief professor. To him: the grades tres is cool, while dos is the highest. Another fall short thing to me is Sports. I play basketball, volleyball, badminton, and a lot more – but again, I never been expert in one sport.

Still no answers, until my last year in college.

If my memory serves me right, I am enrolled in Photojournalism that time. I never felt better than anybody else until that phase in my fail life came. I always (well, most of the time) get the highest scores during exhibits. My classmates often find my work cool, beautiful and nice (that I don’t know if they are serious, but at least most of them are my real friends so I am quite sure they mean it). Then, the light bulb above my cranky brain sounded “ting!”

Here are some of my shots (but not on my Photojourn subject, can’t find it. Dang!).

Is this my niche? Maybe I already found the GOLDEN TICKET.

Can’t be sure until the imaginarium is tested.